Decatur’s Priorities are Patti’s Priorities.

I am proud of the way the city has governed and managed during the pandemic, striving to keep our community safe and healthy, budgeting and spending conservatively and supporting our business community.

I want to continue my work as a facilitative, collaborative leader – building relationships and partnerships and championing processes and actions that benefit the community at large.

I am committed to making the community’s ideas and ambitions a reality. The Strategic Plan, which is in the last stages of development, spells out the vision, mission and action plan. Hundreds of Decatur residents have participated in bringing forward these ideas. Purposeful steps toward equity, racial justice and climate change provide the city with opportunities to not only benefit our community but to also be a leader and example to the entire region. 

I am proud that we are a Bee City, a Playful City, a Bronze level Bike Friendly City, a Gold level Walk Friendly City, a Tree City, an Atlanta Regional Commission Platinum level Green Communities City, a 2020 Georgia Trend’s Visionary City, a Welcoming City and an All-America City.

These awards represent the city’s commitment to making Decatur a place where we want to live, work, and play and where businesses can thrive. Please join me in continuing to make Decatur the community we envision it to be, as stated in the 2020 Strategic Plan Vision Statement: “Decatur will foster an equitable, thriving and welcoming community for all, today and in the future.”